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Cosmology Summer School

June 25, 2013

The Cosmology Group’s summer school at the University of California, Santa Cruz opened yesterday with two talks by David Albert on the foundations of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.  The talks are available on youtube under the cosmology group’s channel, Phil Cosmogroup.  You can also find them on the summer school’s webpage, We’ll keep posting regularly as the school progresses, so keep an eye on our page–and if you have any questions about the talks, post them in the comments here!

Dr. Albert’s discussion focusses on the temporal asymmetries of thermodynamics; his first lecture lays the groundwork for understanding the second law of thermodynamics, outlining three formulations of it and arguing that they are deeply connected to apparently unrelated arrows of time.  His second lecture runs over Boltzmann’s  arguments motivating the second law from statistical mechanics, and introduces the reversibility objections to these arguments.

For a complete schedule of the talks at the UCSC summer institute, look here.  We’ll be posting links to the talks there as we post the talks on youtube.

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